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Alia and Brett

Alibaug is a home away from home. The Nayar family has a beautiful home in Alibag and what better occasion than this to ensure you welcome all friends and family to their house. It was a 2 days affair, where the YPO crowd, family, and friends all gathered to celebrate the union of Adwaita Nayar & Anubhav

Event One
The Welcome Brunch

The celebration started with a brunch party, more on the line of farm to fork concept.. Transporting 350 guests from Mumbai to Alibaug was a challenge as for limitations and space at the Mumbai jetty. With thorough planning and our expert hospitality and logistics team this was flawless. Every guest was personally escorted to the boats, received at the Alibag jetty and guided to their hotels to freshen up before joining the family at their house from the brunch party. A few guests only attended the day party and we ensured they safety reached back.

The Setup

Our team was their first point of contact and therefore it was so important for them to have a smooth experience. The Nayar bunglow has a beautiful landscape, the openness of the lush lawns was something we wanted to highlight at this celebration. The décor was done keeping in mind that the openness of the lush lawns is not lost as well as there is enough shade and seating for everyone. We believe that comfort and hospitality is one of the key factors for a successful event.

The Food

Food was another USP as we created the entire menu keeping the couple's preferences and theme in mind. The bride and her brother selected each dish from different regions of the world and what they like the most. Food set up created an entirely different vibe for the function and the venue looked completely different.

Good food and good food display! We cannot emphasize how much we worked to ensure that the focus of the event was meant to be on the good food and ambiance created and nothing else.

Event Two
A Night Under the Stars

The most chilled sufi setup was the brief and that is exactly what we delivered. A cosy night under the open sky with the correct amount of light, good acoustic music, the gorgeous yet simple dinner table se thing is what we delivered. Having added a S’mores counter made it feel even more cozy.

Event Three
The Wedding

The next day was a pooja in a typical traditional gujrati way followed by gijrati meal. The ending to a wonderful pre wedding celebration. Traditional banana leaves used for the decor